Jun 11, 2011

3 Online Business Models That Have Never Failed When Done Right

The first thing you need to do before you start your Internet business is to decide on which of the legitimate online business models you want to pursue. Starting off with a faulty or fraudulent model is a guaranteed recipe for failure. Choosing the right business model that aligns with your strengths and preferences gives you a solid foundation for success. In this article, we are going to explore 3 online business models that have proven to be successful for thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.

Without wasting any more time, here they are:

Model #1: Selling Ad Space

The concept of selling ad space on your own website or blog has been around since the early years of the Internet. The key to this business model is to have lots of consistent traffic coming into your site every month. If you have little to no traffic to your site, advertisers will not find it worthwhile to invest in advertising space on your website. By using a few simple tools such as Alexa or Quantcast, potential advertisers can see how much traffic your website or blog is getting in comparison to other websites, so you can't fool advertisers. If you have a popular website or blog, this business model can be extremely profitable. However, if your website is not getting traffic now, you don't have to beg advertisers to buy ad space on your web property. You can put up Google AdSense ads that enable you to earn every time a visitor clicks on one of the Google ads.

Model #2: Selling Ebooks and Information Products

Ebooks and information products are very much in demand now with the rise of online reading and tablet computers. This industry can only grow bigger and bigger. Even though there is now more information on the Internet than ever, people want their information to be in a more organized format, and more importantly, they want specialized information in a compact package. Ebooks and information products provide this. You can easily crank out or outsource a 50-100 page ebook and sell it through a digital marketplace like ClickBank, or create digital products like video courses or/and podcasts that you can sell as standalone products or as accompaniments to your ebook.

Model #3: Selling Other People's Products

Just like in the real world of commission-based sales, you can make money by selling other people's products. How? Through a wonderful online concept called affiliate marketing. In this model, you are given a personalized affiliate link which you can promote. If people buy products through your affiliate link, you earn commissions. The upside of this model is that you can get started very quickly as you don't have to spend time and resources on product development. Some of the top affiliate marketplaces for finding products to promote include ClickBank and Commission Junction.

These 3 online business models have proven themselves to be very profitable when executed well. Choose your model and get started with your research and then take action!

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Unique Ways to Make Money on the Web

In today's hard economic times, it has become truly difficult to make a successful living on the income of a single day job. This is why people all around the world are turning to the internet to earn something extra or start-up their own online business. With the rapid growth of internet and online businesses, the online world has truly provided various opportunities for you to make money on the web. There are numerous interesting and effective means to make money on the web and some of them are discussed below:

1. Everyone in recent times is familiar with the concept of social networking. With the advent of social networking sites and their increasing popularity, this particular form of enjoyment has truly been turned into an effective money-making method that can help you earn some extra cash while having fun at the same time. There are plenty of social networking sites that can pay the users upon upgrading their profiles to make it look attractive. These sites also pay the users when they upload or share photos and videos on their public profiles and invite others to join them.

The payment is made through a proportionate business model, which is based on the revenues of the advertisements, and the profit is distributed amongst the members. This is indeed a great way to make money on the web.

2. Stock photography is another excellent and unique idea to make money on the web. If you have a passion for photography and can capture a frame on your camera, then this idea can certainly work in your favor. There are many stock photography agencies on the web, where you can sell your photos for a substantial amount. These sites also pay you a percentage of the profit per download of your photos. Hence you end up making more money while doing something that you love.

3. Market surveys may seem like a boring and dull idea, but they can certainly help you make money on the web. There are numerous survey groups on the internet that are constantly on the lookout for people who can conduct market surveys on their behalf. Market surveys are one thing which will never go out of fashion, thus you will get constant work and also be able to make money on the web. Usually registration for this type of online job is free of cost, thus you end up making money without any investment.

4. Online gaming and computer games have certainly become the buzz of the town these days. Everyone from kids to adults are truly fond of them. However, gaming can also be turned in to a prospective money-making idea for you. There are games like Second Life that allow the players to buy virtual currencies in order to play the game and when the game is over, the winning amount is turned into real money. This is indeed an excellent option to make money on the web. You can also download the free versions of the most popular games and sell them as well.

5. Message boards are another exceptional money-making idea for people who intend to make money on the web. Most of the niche operations and communities on the web have their own forums dedicated to their members, where the users can post their views or communicate with the others on a regular basis. This certainly attracts more registrations to the sites, thus the members get paid for their reviews on the forums as it also increases the opportunities of advertisement for those sites.

These are not all - there are various other interesting and unique ideas like legitimate online gambling, blogging etc., which you can also use to make money on the web.

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